Pete Wentz's new haircut is inspired by his two-year-old son.

The 31-year-old rocker - who has Bronx Mowgli with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz - has stopped straightening his hair because he wants to be as happy and relaxed with his natural curls as the toddler is.

He explained: "My son, he's got this full head of awesome curly hair, and when he gets out of the bath he's so stoked.

"I want to get out of the shower and just be stoked, not think about how I don't want water to touch my hair. The amount of maintenance that went into my straight hair was ridiculous."

The former Fall Out Boy star is fascinated by his son now he is old enough to communicate properly.

He told People: "He's really adventurous and interesting, he talks and tells stories. He can tell you about what he did that day and what he wants to wear, he picks out his own outfits now. It's an adventure."

Though Bronx is already a music fan, Pete doesn't think he and Ashlee can tell yet if the youngster will want to follow in their pop star footsteps but is sure he will do well at whatever he is interested in.

He said: "As fate would have it, he'll probably be into math or something. Whatever he's into, he'll rock it."

Pete recently revealed one of Bronx's favourite singers is his aunt Jessica Simpson.

He said: "His current favourite record is his aunt's Christmas record. He likes that a lot! I'm not sure if he totally connects to Jessica, but that's his favourite."