Pete Townshend is struggling to write new songs for his legendary band The Who, because his recent material is too highbrow for the raucous rockers.

Townshend, famed for his demonic guitar-smashing antics, admits his mindset has changed since his anguished youth - and he is desperately fighting his artier side in a bid to create Who-friendly rock.

He says, "I have only one problem, and that is writing for what The Who fans - and that includes me - call The Who.

"People say 'just write' and that's what I do, but then I often end up with what sounds more like BRECHT and WEIL or Serge Gainsbourg than the old Who.

"I know what people want but I can't seem to control my creative side. If it comes out a bit arty-farty, then that's all I can do."