Rocker Pete Townshend's girlfriend Rachel Fuller has a way of hitting back at The Who fans who dislike her - she threatens to have sex with the guitarist just before a show, and rob him of his energy. The pianist has become a target of The Who fans, who fear she's a negative influence on their guitar hero. She explains, "In the early days someone would say, 'You're just f**kin Pete's girlfriend and you're useless and you can't sing and your music's crap and you should just go away.' "I would just diffuse that with humour: 'Don't give me a hard time or I'll s**g him before he goes on stage, and he'll have no energy, and he'll do a s**t show.'" Townshend, himself, comes to his partner's defence, insisting there would be no new The Who album if it wasn't for her. He adds, "If we weren't together I kind of doubt there would be a new Who album. I kind of doubt whether I would be out on the road doing a long tour." The rocker fears Fuller is to him what Linda Mccartney and Yoko Ono were to Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon respectively: "There were people that didn't accept Linda - the cynical press and the gossips and the vicious ones. I may have been one of those had I not known Linda. "And I had great difficulty with Yoko in the early days and it wasn't until John died that I suddenly and properly got her and realised what she was about."