Rocker Pete Townshend thanks his new girlfriend and a weekend THE WHO show in New York for helping to put his life back on track after a hellish year, which saw him labelled a child sex threat.

In a new diary posting on his website, addressing a turbulent year of public scrutiny, police harassment and unfounded accusations, Townshend insists he's on a new high.

And it's all thanks to his girlfriend, singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller and a well-received show at New York's Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (22MAY04).

He says, "I spent some time... joining Rachel to write some songs. We wrote three together on my birthday. She had a few meetings with her record label too. Things are looking clearer now for her with a likely release date at the end of August.

"Then, finally, Madison Square Garden. This was just the best thing that's happened to me in two years. So many beautiful, friendly faces, and at a show that sold out in just 20 minutes.

"I was just happy to be up there, grateful to be alive, and lucky to have such a great team around me."

27/05/2004 09:08