Pete Townshend is delighted he has finally grown into his facial features in his sixties, because people have finally started to describe The Who rocker as "handsome". The 61-year-old is famed for his distinctive nose and was overlooked in the looks stakes in favour of rugged frontman Roger Daltrey when the group rose to prominence in the mid-1960s. And the PINBALL WIZARD is amazed reviewers have finally began to see him as good-looking as he approaches retirement age. He says, "I am being told every day that I look well. I am also being told that I am handsome. "If you go back and read the reports on The Who on stage over the 40 years we have performed, you will very rarely see me described as handsome. "I hit 60 and suddenly it happens. Some are suspicious I've had my nose made smaller. I haven't."