Pete Townshend refused to let documentary maker Michael Moore use The Who's WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN in his FAHRENHEIT 9/11 film because he didn't want the anthem to become an anti-PRESIDENT George W Bush song. The rocker claims the tune has been misinterpreted many times and he didn't want to add to the confusion by letting Moore use the song against Bush. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "When ROGER (DALTREY) sang it, suddenly it became almost an anthem of the counterculturalists. "You say to somebody, 'I'm not doing it,' and they hear you say, 'I'm doing it.' Like, 'I'm not going to tell you President Bush is a bad man.' And people go, 'Oh, OK, so President Bush is a bad man.' Let me tell you again, 'He f**king is not a f**king bad man, you f**king idiot!' "The debates I had back and forward through Harvey Weinstein (producer) with MICHAEL MOORE were beyond belief. He wanted to use my song Won't Get Fooled Again. "I said to Harvey, 'The guy wants to misuse the misuse of the song.' It's not political or partisan or parochial." The rock anthem is now the theme to TV hit CSI: MIAMI.