LATEST: Pete Townshend is refusing to grant permission for The Who's music to be used in a documentary about the legendary British rockers.

The two surviving Who members, guitarist Townshend and singer ROGER DALTREY, initially teamed up with OSCAR-winning director MURRAY LERNER to create a fans-eye perspective of the band.

But now Townshend has severed all connections with the project, angered that Lerner has called on fans to provide bootleg footage of the group.

He has issued a formal statement attacking the documentary on his website, in which he insists he's no longer the driving force behind the project and is refusing access to The Who's back catalogue.

Townshend writes: "My music - Who music - is not a commodity I will unconditionally available to film makers.

"My entire mission is to preserve the integrity of Who music, I'd rather offer it to sell soap than have it turned into a 'soap' by Lerner."

The feud is expected to delay production of the documentary, which was due to hit cinemas next year (06).

01/06/2005 17:33