Rocker Pete Townshend has apologised for comments he made in a recent interview in which he said his WHO bandmate Roger Daltrey's cousin once murdered six men in a brawl.

The SUBSTITUTE rocker was quoted in UK rock magazine Mojo as saying, "We had a following called The Hundred Faces... One of them was Roger's cousin who killed six men in a street fight."

But Townshend admits he exaggerated Daltrey's cousin's reputation.

He writes on his website: "Roger's cousin I spoke of in the piece was indeed a powerful, handsome and very cool White City mod, but the story of the six-man murder was apocryphal.

"I should not have repeated it."

On Saturday (14JAN06) Townshend insisted he had no intention of "badmouthing" Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and The Band in the same interview.