Pete Townshend became convinced it was time to turn his back on The Who when punk and electro music became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Townshend, now 61, felt The Who no longer had a place in the music world, prompting him to wait 24 years to record a new album with the band following 1982's poorly received IT'S HARD. Townshend has reunited with frontman Roger Daltrey for the band's first world tour in 20 years and new LP ENDLESS WIRE. He says, "I also felt we'd worn out the form. Punk had shaken everything, but what followed was computers and Linn drums and Heaven 17 and SCRITTI POLITTI. "Interesting music, but quite manufactured and complex, and much less of the blood. I felt that my role in that world was over." Townshend was also embarrassed by his bandmate ROGER DALTREY's failure to realise their time was up. He adds, "And I would get these regular visits from Roger saying, 'I want to do this, I want to do that,' and I would say, 'Listen, it's over. F**k off.' Well, I wouldn't say f**k off, but, 'I'm not your man.' "Watching him pretending to be who he was... it was all just pathetic. I had very little sympathy for him. I thought he should really go back and be a builder."