Rocker Pete Townshend and his longtime girlfriend Rachel Fuller almost missed out on love - thanks to a jealous receptionist. The Who rocker fell for the classically-trained pianist when she helped arrange music for him, but a love note he asked a studio assistant to pass on to Fuller was thrown away because the intern had her own plans to woo Townshend. He recalls, "I was attracted to Rachel's energy and to her as a woman. I had just broken a long relationship with a girl in New York. I just felt I couldn't keep having these long distance relationships. I wrote her a note which didn't reach her." Fuller adds, "The receptionist at the studio had a crush on Pete and when Pete asked her to give the note to me she threw it away." The couple eventually found love when Townshend refused to give up hope of dating Fuller. He recalls, "I tracked her down for a date... and we went to lunch at Harvey Nicholls. I picked her up in a Ferrari and she thought it was a Ford. "I sensed a romantic journey that wasn't only about a relationship but what we might achieve together."