Pete Townshend has revealed he lost two days of memory after The Who bandmate Roger Daltrey knocked him out in a fight.
The once-feuding stars fought during the recording sessions for their iconic Quadrophenia album and now guitarist Townshend has admitted one of the singer's punches left him dazed for days.
He tells The Times, "I walked into the studio, having not slept for two days after doing the final mixes. I had been in my big Mercedes limousine drinking brandy. Roger was in the studio, having waited for me for the last five hours. 'We've done it' I shouted at him. 'Yeah? Well I've been here since one o'clock and I'm going'.
"'You can't f**king go' I said. He pushed me out the way, I spat at him, and I got knocked out.
"When I came round an hour later my memory was gone for two days. He's a one-punch man, Roger."