Pete Tong's target audience has changed from ravers to families since doing shows with the Heritage Orchestra.

The superstar DJ - who has enjoy a 30 year career - has combined with the orchestra and conductor Jules Buckley for their second album together 'Ibiza Classics', and he admitted he's noticed a shift in the scene.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he explained: ''We are seeing different generations together enjoying the music.

''As much as it initially appealed to the clubbers from the 80s and 90s, now families are coming to the shows. The old clubbers don't want to go out until six in the morning any more but still enjoy these songs.

''This music is still really important and the way we have reintroduced it shows how special it still is. Whatever your age is. The environment and places we are playing takes the whole thing to another level.''

Tong recently played the iconic Hollywood Bowl venue in Los Angeles, and he added that his role in the classically-inspired hybrid project has evolved as he's become more comfortable in this environment.

The 57-year-old star explained he is essentially the conductor's DJ, as he's in constant communication with Buckley to keep the set flowing.

He said: ''I've grown in confidence in working with them and I've found my own way of infiltrating deeper into the orchestras. I'm building up my own role.

''I've hung out with the orchestra more as we've travelled and played festivals. I'm up on stage and actually play along with the orchestra, which has been more fun for me up there.

''They are not playing along to me and I'm not playing the record, I am not playing over a record or any part of a record. Everything is generated by the orchestra and I play in percussion loops and there are bits of the record, which were created electronically.''