Pete Tong's Essential Classics



After the recent launch of his new Essential Series, Pete Tong now delves deep into his extensive record collection to present his first ever retrospective.

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Who better to entrust to deliver a definitive collection of timeless classics and the soundtrack to the greatest years of your life?!

Pete Tong's Essential Classics is a triple CD collection from the man who's been the common thread in the genre that whole time. From the most classic warehouse tunes to a selection of what became huge chart hits, presented across these three CDs are the songs that defined a dance generation.

Pete counts himself very lucky to be there with millions of people every Friday on Radio 1 as they start their weekend. The Essential Selection consistently shouts about the best tunes across all genres of music, and Pete was inspired by his listeners' reaction when he started playing a couple of classics tunes at 7pm each week on his show. "So much happens in peoples' lives, but it is music that can bring back memories and make people feel good." Says Pete. "Tunes can give you goose bumps when you hear them as the memories come flooding back."

It is no easy task to pick such a small selection of tracks when there are so many great records to choose from. But Pete takes it all in stride by putting together an evocative look back at some of the biggest tunes that dance music has to offer – those that over the years he's championed and turned into hits.

Says Pete "Bearing in mind the recent classic compilations, I have tried to select a meaningful and original collection of music that deserves to stand up and be counted… a special thanks also goes out to the Daft Punk crew for giving us some rarities that mean a lot to the Ibiza scene, though rarely see the light of day on compilations."

Pete is not only a successful radio broadcaster and club DJ, but is also an innovator and is at the forefront of music technology. He has a TV style show on 3 mobile called fastraxx and has embraced the new podcast phenomenon by producing his own version called the 'Tongcast', which has been downloaded by nearly 40,000 people.

And there's more to follow from Pete - keep your eyes peeled for the next Essential Selection album and the all new Essential mix collections.

3 CDs, 41 timeless tracks, 15 years of anthems – this is the music that defined the dance generation.

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