BUZZCOCKS singer PETE SHELLEY has laughed off reports fellow punk star JOHNNY ROTTEN was in love with him in the 1970s.

The LOVE YOU MORE star admits the Sex Pistols frontman, real name John Lydon, made suggestive advances towards him - but he remains coy about their significance.

He recalls, "The first time I met John was at an early Buzzcocks gig. After the show, I sat down on the floor and had a chat with him.

"During the conversation, I felt this hand go over mine and start playing with my fingers. I thought, 'Hello, this is quite interesting, seems like a nice boy.' This went on for about five minutes; then he looked down and said, 'Sorry, I thought I was stroking the curtain-rail.'

"A few years later, he came backstage and presented me with two apples and a banana. I'm still trying to work out what that was meant to signify."