Pete Doherty has announced plans to reform The Libertines after patching up his differences with ex bandmate CARL BARAT.
The band split acrimoniously in 2004 due to Doherty's drug addictions; he went on to form Babyshambles while Barat fronted the Dirty Pretty Things.
Doherty was keen to reform the band earlier this year (09) after being offered substantial amounts to return for a series of U.K. festival performances.
Barat initially decided to opt out, expressing concerns over his old partner's behaviour - but has now agreed to the reunion after much persuasion from Doherty.
Doherty says, "The Libertines is going to happen. I didnt twist Carls arm too far. He doesnt take kindly to it. Hes not harder than me, but hes got a nasty streak. Twist it too far and itll snap."