Pete Doherty and Carl Barat's band played in Birmingham, England on Wednesday (27Jan16), and revellers at the Barclaycard Arena venue were reportedly targeted by thieves during the show.

Two unnamed men, both aged 30, were arrested at the gig, and police officers allegedly found 38 phones stuffed in the trousers of one of the suspects.

Inspector Gareth Morris of West Midlands police says, "It's an unfortunate reality that large crowds at concerts such as this make rich pickings for career criminals. We're hot on the heels of these offenders but you can also reduce your chances of falling victim to such crimes by remaining extra vigilant when attending busy events."

He also urges fans who lost their phones at The Libertines show to get in touch with police, adding, "If you think you had your phone taken, please get in touch with us and we can check whether or not we have been able to recover it."