The assistant editor of troubled Pete Doherty's favourite US magazine has sent a heartfelt letter to the British rocker, urging him to seek help for his drug addictions. The Babyshambles frontman, who has become a regular in rock magazine Spin, stunned editor KYLE ANDERSON when he was arrested after photographs of him appearing to inject an unconscious woman with a syringe surfaced. Doherty, who spent a night in jail and will face charges in court next month (JUL06), insists he was actually drawing the woman's blood for use in a painting. But Anderson has decided to intervene and urged his friend to seek counselling. In a letter to "Peter", which is reprinted in the upcoming issue of Spin magazine, Anderson writes, "After all your recent troubles, Spin magazine wants to reach out to you. "We have a great deal of respect for your work; you are one of the most talented musicians of this generation. That is why, outside of your immediate circle, there are legions of people in America and beyond who care deeply about you. "Recent stories of your continued struggle with drugs are deeply troubling for your many supporters. Clearly something is very wrong, something that perhaps goes beyond drug addiction... We implore you to seek serious help."