LIBERTINES star Pete Doherty has been offered help in his current battle against drugs from a bizarre source - an aged British soap actress.

The singer-songwriter was admitted to London rehabilitation clinic THE PRIORY last week (14MAY04) after a long-running problem with crack cocaine.

However, June Brown, 77 - famed in her native Britain for playing Eastenders busy-body DOT COTTON - has offered to get Doherty clean by sending him to a Thai monastery, the same treatment which worked for her godson, because she's a massive fan of the raucous rockers.

Brown, who has set up her own charity TKB, says, "It took him three weeks to kick his eight-year addiction. The change is remarkable.

"Anyone can go. We will pay your fare, all you need is to commit to treatment. I'm a huge Libertines fan. It'd be a marvellous place for Pete to kick his addiction."

21/05/2004 01:55