Troubled rock star Pete Doherty and his band Babyshambles were yesterday (23SEP05) given an official warning by Scottish police after they were found drinking in the streets of Dundee.

The F**K FOREVER singer was unaware of the city centre's ban on public alcohol consumption when he started drinking at eight o'clock in the morning in preparation for a breakfast interview on Dundee's Radio Tay.

After seizing the booze from the rockers, police officers let them go with a warning.

Doherty was without his on-off supermodel girlfriend KATE MOSS - who is currently in New York after losing a number of modeling contracts last week (ends23SEP05) after being photographed in a British newspaper allegedly taking cocaine.

And the rock star, who was thrown out of hit band The Libertines last year (04) because of his own drug problems, is amazed at the media hype surrounding the 31-year-old beauty.

Speaking on Radio Tay, Doherty said, "A lot of people basically are obsessed with the missus and I don't know really ... she's just a bird from south London.

"I can't get my head round it really."