Pete Doherty 's film debut has gone down like a lead balloon at the Cannes Film Festival, it would appear. Reuters reports that The Libertines singer's performance in 'Confession of a Child of the Century' was not well received by critics, who did little to spare his feelings. Megan Lehmann, writing for the Hollywood Reporter was particularly critical, saying "Based on his debut performance ... The Libertines and Babyshambles singer shouldn't even think of giving up his day job."
In an interview with Reuters, the movie's director, Sylvie Verheyde said that Doherty was the obvious choice for the role of the literary figure Alfred de Musset. The movie is based on Musset's autobiographical novel about his affair with George Sand and also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg; Verheyde explained "He (Doherty) was the figure of the poet now, like Musset was a figure of a romantic poet at this time. Just like Musset, he has this share of innocence and debauchery." Doherty was keen to do the role. "I couldn't not do it, really," he explained. "Things come along in your life, where it's a certain melody, or a certain person and you can't not be involved because you regret it and you'll be sorry and you'd be really jealous if someone else does it."
Writing for the Daily Mail, Baz Bamigboye suggested that the quality of Doherty's performance was comparable to a criminal act: "Pete Doherty was collared for possessing ... cocaine ... now he has been done at the Cannes Film Festival for not being in possession of any acting talent."