British rocker Pete Doherty wrote his version of Amy Winehouse's hit song Tears Dry On Their Own more than two years before his close pal died.
The former The Libertines frontman became friends with the Rehab hitmaker and they are reported to have supported one another as they battled their drug demons.
Winehouse's untimely death in July (11) left him "bewildered" and he paid tribute to the singer by performing his own rock cover of Tears Dry On Their Own during his headlining set at the U.K.'s Leeds Festival last week (26Aug11).
Many fans believed the previously-unheard track was a new take on the 2007 soul single - but Doherty reveals it is actually a few years old.
He says, "A couple of years ago when she first released it, there was an idea kicked about that I was going to do an alternate version. I did actually write some alternate verses and record them but in the end no-one seemed to like it so it disappeared.
"But I've always loved that song, it's a f**king amazing tune and I've always wanted to do some tribute."
Winehouse was found dead at her London home on 23 July (11), aged 27.
Toxicology tests on Winehouse's body showed there were no illegal drugs present in her system when she died, although she had been drinking alcohol.