Pete Doherty is hoping to spend some time with his children this Christmas.

The troubled rocker - who lives in Paris, France - is hoping to see his son Astile, nine, with singer Lisa Moorish and daughter, Aisling, 11 months, with model Lindi Hingston, over the festive period.

He said: ''I hope to see my little boy and little girl. I met my little girl for the first time recently. And my son came to France for the shooting [of his recent film 'Confessions of a Child of the Century']. He was running around set shouting, 'We want to make The Goonies: Part Two!' ''

Although the 33-year-old rocker still has a drug problem, he says he is committed to getting clean and focusing on the future, although he has no definite set goals at this time.

He added: ''I haven't set a date when I'll stop [doing drugs] or anything. But I know now, for the first time, that there has to be a point where I get clean. It's the only way forward.

''[My friend] Shane MacGowan made it clear to me I have to [get clean] at some point. He said, 'You've got to give yourself a chance, some clean time, then decide. Don't decide in the midst of it, either way.' ''