Pete Doherty has stopped hallucinating on stage.

The 'What a Waster' rocker - who has battled addiction to heroin - feels much ''happier'' since reuniting with his Libertines bandmates and was amazed at how much easier he has found the group's shows this summer.

Speaking ahead of their three homecoming shows at London's Alexandra Palace this weekend, he told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I am much happier. It used to be so crazy.

''The last time we played together, Benicassim in Spain, I had the impression something had been put back into place in my life.

''I've always had a lot of problems before going on stage. Not nerves, I don't know what it is exactly, a kind of hallucinatory terror, that did not happen at Benicassim.

''There everything was fine. It had nothing to do with drugs, the crowd, or journalists, nothing to do with heroin, Kate Moss, Lily Allen or anyone else, but everything was good, and at the next Babyshambles concert it was the same.''

And Pete is delighted bandmates Carl Barat, Gary Powell and John Hassall have welcomed him back with open arms.

He added: ''I don't feel like a f***ing monster.

''Because I'm not used to a lot of acceptance in general, I thought people would only be able to tolerate me, and it is not like that.''

While both Pete and Carl have performed Libertines tracks outside of the group - which disbanded in 2004 and reunited briefly in 2010 - they feel more complete playing together.

Carl said: ''Playing songs with the person with whom they were written, it is incomparable, it is another dimension, it is so powerful, touching, and beautiful.''

The 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun' hitmakers are now planning a new album and hope it will be the record which gives them wider success.

Pete said: ''We were supposed to be a huge group, that was our goal, part of our plan, to break through, to reach as many hearts and souls as possible.''