Pete Doherty only ever started a band to ''pull birds''.

The Babyshambles musician is now in a committed relationship with a girl called Katya, which led him to almost pull out of the band's current tour of the UK, as the only reason he writes songs is so he can impress members of the opposite sex.

Speaking ahead of the first date of the tour in London - which the band played - he told NME magazine: ''Up until about three hours ago I was going to pull the whole tour to be honest. I mean, why do we do it? Why do we start bands and sing songs? It's for one thing - to pull birds. And if you're finally in love with someone then you don't have to get onstage and make an arse of yourself.''

Pete - who has fought a long battle against substance addiction - also admitted he hadn't prepared for the tour with bandmates Drew McConnell and Mik Whitnall as he should have.

Speaking after the gig, he said: ''I made a mess of it because I was so late. We were supposed to rehearse all last week but I missed them all for one reason or another. It's embarrassing for me. I could tell that Mik and Drew were like 'What the f**k, Pete?' Because I'd said this wasn't gonna be half-arsed and we were gonna give it everything, but it does help if you know what the f**k you're doing.''