Pete Doherty tried to recruit a ''warlord's daughter'' for the new The Libertines album while in rehab.

The band's frontman - who left the Hope Rehab facility in Thailand in December after recovering from a heroin addiction - has been working on new music during his time in the Asian country and is hoping some of the influences from the nation will translate to the group's third studio album.

Speaking about what he did during his stint in the centre, he said: ''I've come up with some good riffs too. Like simple bass lines and I'm trying to get this warlord's daughter to play drums for me but she's off the radar at the moment. So hopefully we'll have some new ideas when Carl next bounds into view in his bandana and leathers. A man who swore he'd never wear flip-flops! Although he doesn't call them flip flops he calls them 'sliders'.''

As well as working on the follow-up to the band's self-titled 2004 record, the 35-year-old rocker - who sings and plays guitar in the band alongside Carl Barât, John Hassall and Gary Powell - said he has been revisiting some of his favourite tracks as a youngster while recovering.

He explained: ''The thing is it's quite a tranquil place, so I don't like to make too much noise. But I'll say that I have rediscovered a few facets that have come back to life since I've been here and one of them is just enjoying playing guitar and learning songs I used to know backwards and inside out. Like old Lindisfarne and Stone Roses songs and just taking them and just shifting the chords about.''