We've seen it all before with Pete Doherty, sadly, and so it's with little surprise to report rumors that the musician-turned-actor is apparently heading back to rehab in another bid to defeat substance issues that have dogged him for over a decade now. The 33 year-old is the former boyfriend of Kate Moss and, of course, played his part in one of the most critically loved bands in Britain of the early noughties as one quarter of indie group The Libertines - at their most popular between 2002 and 2004. Unfortunately it was as far back as then that trouble started surfacing for Doherty, and he served jail time after attempting to steal from band member Carl Barat - though the pair have since patched up their differences and reformed the group for a brief period in 2010.
The UK newspaper the Daily Mail is claiming that he'll be heading off to the Thai drug and alcohol retreat The Cabin Chiang Mai, which reportedly cost around 7,700 pound per month to stay - roughly a third cheaper than famed UK clinic The Priory, where Doherty has also spent time.
It's double bad news for Doherty as his acting debut in 'The Confessions Of A Child Of The Century' were roundly panned by critics at Cannes Film Festival, The Guardian newspaper being particularly damning by saying "The shambling amateurism of Doherty's line-reading, his sixth-form fidgets, his uncertain eyes, sadly don't share the apt emotional ineptitude of, say, Ryan O'Neal in Barry Lyndon - a film Confession faintly resembles, in the same way that a crab stick resembles a Dover sole."