Pete Doherty insists he can cope with three separate musical ventures.

The troubled rocker has vowed to reunite his former group The Libertines - which split due to his problems with drug addiction - as well as carrying on with current group Babyshambles and his solo career.

He said: "Even though people presume that Babyshambles was a substitute band, it existed back in the day alongside The Libertines

"It's not weird having all three going, it's ideal. It's what I want, just to make music and then perform it or release it in a way that's the most natural."

However, the 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' singer insists some of his songs are not suitable to be played by both bands because they are so personal.

He added to Babelgum: "Sometimes doing Libertines songs with Babyshambles just doesn't feel right - for them and for me.

"In the same way that back in the Libertines days...playing certain songs that were all about how much I hated playing song with The Libertines...I wasn't really happy playing those songs with The Libertines. I had to get another band on the go."