Pete Doherty insists he lives a ''straight life''.

The Babyshambles singer has long struggled with drug addiction, but is adamant his continued use of heroin doesn't affect his day-to-day life, as well as his duties with the band.

He told Q magazine: ''We all have our foibles. I live a f***ing straight life. It's so regimented now, it's not even real chaos, my chaos. I'm very certain of what works and what and who I need to avoid.''

The troubled 34-year-old star also hit back at comparisons between him and one of his idols, late soccer star George Best, who succumbed to his battle with alcoholism and eventually died from organ failure in 2005.

Pete exclaimed: ''He was also an incredible footballer. Oh, you can't just condemn people. We've gotta support each other, we're all in it together.''

Once heralded as a successor to rocker Morrissey, fans feel the former Libertines star has wasted his talent through his addictions and has yet to create an iconic piece of work, such as his close friend Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011, did with 'Back to Black'.

However, Pete hit back: ''So what, I'm the failed Morrissey? Well, let them be inspired by that. Let them create an immortal piece of work. The one I didn't do. But for God's sake, let them occasionally find a bit of f***ing peace and happiness. Please.''