Troubled rocker Pete Doherty has told fans he is clean of all drugs for the first time in more than 12 years and has hailed his small steps to recovery as "remarkable and somewhat improbable".

The British musician checked in to a rehabilitation clinic in Thailand in October (14) to tackle his long-running addictions to heroin and crack cocaine.

Last month (Nov14), he revealed his pride at his first negative test for any illegal drugs "after all these years", and now he has posted a series of photographs online showing him joking and laughing during his ongoing treatment at the Hope Rehab Center in Chonburi.

In a post on his blog, The Libertines frontman also told fans of his progress, writing, "I'm off all medication and ready for 'phase 2′ of this (in hindsight) remarkable and somewhat improbable recovery from the snidey grips of rampant addiction. The 'improbable' would be slipped in as (a) 'self-defeating' adjective according to councilors (sic)...

"I feel serene, I'm sure I do. A few weeks ago in group session they asked me how I 'was feeling' and I smiled, burst into tears, and then went into manic laughter. As good a response as any."