Pete Doherty has confirmed that he is teaming up with Amy Winehouse to produce some new tracks.

Speaking to BBC News, the Babyshambles frontman added that Amy is taking the lead on their joint project, saying: "I kind of took a bit of a back seat. She said: 'Listen to this new song, listen to this new song, record this, record this.'."

"I've got a truckload of some of her stuff and I'm going through it," he added, telling the news provider that Amy is "great" at the moment.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Amy has not been so complimentary about Pete, with the Mirror quoting a source as saying she has thrown back every song he has written for her.

The songstress has not only been helping Pete musically, she acted as his good luck charm at a recent celebrity football tournament.

Amy turned up at Millwall football club to support her pal's band in the Samaritans Soccer Six tournament and watched them reach the final which they lost to Faithless.

19/05/2008 16:37:36