Pete Doherty says he is beginning to put his tumultuous recent past behind him.

In an interview to be broadcast later this week the Babyshambles singer says his life is now "a lot calmer".

But speaking to Jonathan Ross he dismissed reports that a secret marriage to girlfriend Kate Moss was behind the new-found idyllic lifestyle.

"Yes we did it for the third time, the ninth time," Doherty said, responding to a question as to whether he wed Moss the last time the couple went on holiday. "But no, we didn't get married."

Commenting on media intrusion into his private life with the supermodel the 28-year-old explained: "When you get away it's all the more special, you cherish it ... [sometimes] getting from the front door to the car is hard enough.

"It's just the way it is, a lot of the time it's just 'oh look, it's Kate Moss's boyfriend'. The other day we went to St James's Park at two in the morning, walked by the palace; by the time we got to Piccadilly we'd been spotted."

And the singer, who will perform The Lost Art of Murder live in the studio on Friday, also revealed that his many run-ins with the law have included a police officer asking him for his autograph.

"The fifth to last time I was nicked, the policeman had a badge on saying 'Pete Doherty is innocent', I was gob-smacked," Doherty claimed.

"I've been face down [being arrested], before being asked 'you wouldn't sign this for my son would you Pete?' I said take the cuffs off, and I'll do it now."

Hollywood star Bruce Willis and television presenter Fearne Cotton also guest on Ross' sofa next Friday at 22:35 BST on BBC1, with Arcade Fire providing further musical entertainment.

25/06/2007 15:15:55