Pete Doherty thinks Brexit will be good for the British music industry.

The 'Broken Love Song' hitmaker is excited to see the ''incredible backlash'' reaction from musicians when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Asked by Channel 4 News if he felt Brexit would be bad for the music industry specifically, he shared: ''No, it'll be the best thing in the world for music. You'll see, you'll get the most insane new wave of the most incredible [acts]. You see the difference between writing a poem in prison and writing a poem in a cottage by a lake, you know. There will be an incredible backlash.''

Meanwhile, Pete previously insisted he is always the ''last to know'' about the future of his band The Libertines.

He said: ''I'm always the last to know, of course, but apparently we're playing some gigs in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. I've got a feeling I'm going to love it over there.''

And the singer feels more involved in his new solo project and really ''believes'' in the music.

Speaking about his new solo project, he added: ''These new songs, this new line-up - I'm part of it, you know? It's a small group. There's more people in the band than there are in the whole crew plus management ... I'm really inside these new songs. I believe in them.''

Pete also previously confessed he finds it ''difficult'' to just go out there and have fun when he's on stage.

He said: ''This is something I have to learn - this is a fault of my own. It's not an idealistic thing where I think 'You should not have fun, you should be serious'. Not at all. I'd love to go out there and have fun and enjoy it, but I just can't. It's not in my make up. I find it very difficult.''