The Libertines star was allegedly dragged screaming from the Swervedriver frontman's hotel room in Kowloon after Franklin "decked him" with a single punch.

Franklin alleges Doherty took at swing at him for no reason and has branded the rocker's behaviour a "f**king disgrace".

The incident happened on the same evening that Doherty, who declared himself free of drugs earlier this year (15) after a 12-year addition to heroin and crack, was filmed apparently snorting cocaine off a guitar.

The Libertines were in Hong Kong to perform at the Clockenflap festival, and after the show Doherty and drummer Gary Powell were invited to a party in Franklin's hotel room.

The Swervedriver star tells NME magazine, "He can't have been in the room for more than a minute or two before some kerfuffle broke out across the room - you'd have to ask him what that was about, although good luck getting anything out of him as he surely won't f**king remember - and he fell across to the side of the room where I was sat having a chat with Gary and a couple of friends... (Doherty) then suddenly took a swing at me and missed, I stood up and decked him and that was it.

"Gary, who I have to say is a lovely bloke, helped get him out of the room and (Doherty) was screaming, 'He hit me! He hit me!' while people were pointing out to him that he had in fact tried to hit me first.

"Apparently I had said, 'So you're the famous Pete Doherty' as I stood over him before they dragged him out, which entertained everybody else in the room and probably annoyed him but what was I supposed to say? He hadn't even introduced himself!... He's apparently really great with his fans but I might have been his biggest fan for all he knew. I mean, I'm not - I think he's astonishingly inept and pretentious - but I could have been. The bloke's a f**king disgrace. I wish him all the best."

A spokesperson for The Libertines tells NME, "With adrenaline running high after the show in Hong Kong, there was an unfortunate short altercation/misunderstanding of which no one was injured and apologies were made soon after."