Cult rocker Pete Doherty has confessed he's "completely ashamed" he fled after a man plunged to his death following a bust-up with the star but insists he's not to blame for the tragedy.
Actor Mark Blanco fell from the balcony of an apartment in east London in 2006 after he was ejected from a party attended by Doherty.
Footage from a nearby surveillance camera shows the former Libertines frontman stepping over Blanco's prostrate body in the street and fleeing the scene, and he was later quizzed by police over allegations Blanco was pushed to his death.
Last year (11), prosecution officials in the U.K. ruled there was no sufficient evidence to prove the actor was shoved off the ledge and confirmed junkie Doherty would not face any charges in relation to the tragedy.
But Doherty insists he's haunted by Blanco's death and mortified by his own behaviour on the night, admitting he fled the scene as he had "pockets full of drugs" and feared being arrested.
He also confesses he understands why Blanco's family suspects him of involvement in the 30 year old's death as he behaved suspiciously afterwards.
Doherty tells NME magazine, "I can understand it and it does look dodgy. How ashamed do you think I am that I stepped over the body and legged it down the street? Ugh... (the film footage) made me feel sick, sick to the stomach. Completely ashamed. I'm stepping over a dying man... I was on bail at the time. I had pockets full of drugs."
The rocker is also adamant Blanco was ejected from the apartment by host Paul Roundhill because he was harassing the musician about his addiction to crack cocaine.
Doherty adds, "He was out of his mind. So we got him out of the flat, or rather Paul bundled him out of the flat. And somehow, however it happened I don't know, he's fallen to his death. Now (Blanco's family are) convinced that I'm in some way to blame."