Pete Doherty and lover Kate Moss have left for a weekend of partying at the Glastonbury Festival, accompanied by a huge stuffed turtle.

The oddball couple were pictured leaving Kate's north London home for her pad in the Cotswolds, before heading to the washed out Glastonbury, although the chauffeur-driven people carrier was stuffed with various oddities and hung with curtains, through which Pete peeked out to film the photographers.

A source close to the couple told the Daily Mail: "Pete and Kate lead a bizarre life, nothing is ever normal or ever straightforward with them, they can't go to a festival alone without any fuss.

"There is no way Pete, particularly, will have a sedate weekend, so it's going to be a wild one."

Pete and Kate's relationship is rumoured to, finally, take a new turn as he hinted in his diaries that the couple will marry in the summer.

Extracts from his diary, being serialised in the Times, include one written during a spell in rehab earlier this year, in which he said: "Smack and needle-free we shall marry in the summer and I become ten times happier than any given smackhead. Huzzah!"

22/06/2007 15:13:59