Troubled singer Pete Doherty has reportedly signed a GBP150,000 ($270,000) book deal to reveal all about his turbulent relationship with Kate Moss. The British supermodel is petrified the 20 volumes of poems, drawings and lyrics written by the Babyshambles frontman will give an insight into last year's (05) cocaine scandal, which saw Moss lose several lucrative contracts. A friend of Moss tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "She's still in close contact with Pete and she understands his reasons for signing the deal. He's not rolling in cash. But she's cleaned up her act and the last thing she wants is for people to be reminded of what was a very difficult time in her life." Doherty, 27, says, "I'm very happy to have a book coming out. It's exciting to me personally." The singer's publisher IAN PREECE describes the collection as "intimate, honest, very readable and very funny in places; pretty dark in others".