Pete Doherty was at the centre of a police search for a 15-year-old girl on Friday night (23SEP05), when the young fan failed to return home from a Babyshambles gig and was found partying on the rockers' tour bus.

The unnamed girl's parents reported her and her 18-year-old friend missing when she stayed out following the Babyshambles concert in Dundee, Scotland.

Police found the pair 177 kilometres (110 miles) away after ordering the band's tour bus driver to drop them off at a motorway service station in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Babyshambles were travelling to Sheffield, England, for the next night of their British tour.

A police spokeswoman says, "Police contacted the bus and the girl along with an 18-year-old woman were both dropped off at Abington services."

The bus driver tells British newspaper The People, "They told us they were 18 and they looked it, they were just coming for the ride, there was nothing untoward about them being on the bus."