The face of Pete Doherty's friend and former manager JAMES MULLORD has been obscured in Babyshambles' latest video, in a bid to publicly denounce the music mogul.

Mullord, who allegedly leaked video footage of Doherty's on-off girlfriend KATE MOSS snorting cocaine, appears in the video for new single DOWN IN ALBION - but his face has been partially hidden.

Mullord is convinced Doherty's record label ROUGH TRADE is behind the outrage - as the drug-addled frontman would never stoop so low.

He says, "It is annoying. It is so petty.

"Pete didn't see the final cut until it was too late. That is what I have been told anyway.

"Pete says it is a pain in the a**se but it's too late."

Video maker ROGER POMPHREY insists the label is at fault, adding, "Pete isn't a vindictive person and I don't think he would have ordered it."