THE LIBERTINES star Pete Doherty has been placed into rehabilitation by his manager ALAN McGEE - and has been keeping fans updated about his treatment through his personal website.

The TIME OF HEROES singer was admitted to London celebrity clinic THE PRIORY on Friday (14MAY04) to get treatment for his reported addiction to crack cocaine.

He wrote on his Babyshambles.COM website yesterday (16MAY04), "Very deranged and murky recollection of the last few days. A gaggle of nurses around my crinkly bed, they all jump as I wake up and yelp something about jelly. Then I notice a needle sticking out of my arm and spots of blood. What the f*** is going on? Vomit and shrieks, some girl warbling down the corridor in a towel.

"I'm fine.. it's my mad manager exaggerates my plight, they've whacked me on loads of medication. Sixteen different coloured pills. I just had a few extremely disorientating days.

"I have to get out of here. I'm sure the prices are ridiculous. Alamagee (sic) says they can cure me... what of?"

Doherty added today (17MAY04), "The doctors and nurses have said my constitution is a marvel of modern science. The detox program I'm on is capable of bringing the entire Russian Olympic team to its knees. I do believe the worst is to come, so it's either make a break for it now or bite the pillow time."

Doherty's website also featured messages of support from his close friends.

The singer was jailed last year (03) for burgling bandmate Carl Barat's flat in a drugged state, but, although he reconciled with the band upon his release, Doherty has played a number of raucous gigs with his side-project band BABYSHAMBLES recently.

18/05/2004 17:09