Rocker Pete Doherty's young son is already showing a "performance streak" - and he's even written to Wes Craven accusing the moviemaker of copying one of his film ideas.
The former Libertines frontman is dad to eight-year-old Astile, by singer Lisa Moorish, and the boy looks set to follow in his famous parents' footsteps with a career in the limelight.
Moorish tells Britain's OK! magazine, "Astile has a performance streak already. He talks about directing and making films and - although he's not allowed to watch them - he loves the idea of horror films.
"He wrote a letter to Wes Craven saying he thinks Wes copied his idea."
But Moorish insists her other child - daughter Molly, by rocker Liam Gallagher - shows no signs of a performing career: "Molly's quite shy, she's not a natural show-off like I was."