Pete Doherty's ex-girlfriend KATIE LEWIS has sent a warning to his new love KATE MOSS - she insists the troubled rocker lives behind a facade and is only interested in fame.

Lewis had a tempestuous two-year relationship with the former LIBERTINE, until last year (04), at the height of his drug addiction and believes Doherty is only dating the British supermodel to get exposure for his band Babyshambles.

Lewis says, "Kate needs to realise there's very little that's actually real about Pete. It's like he's trying to work his way through the 'How To Be A Rock Star' handbook - he's done the drugs, sex, groupies and now the supermodel girlfriend.

"There's nothing very original about him. He copied Jimi Hendrix's jackets, drew a star on his face like David Bowie and played a gig right outside Buckingham Palace - like the Sex Pistols.

"Pete has so much to gain from his relationship with Kate - and she has nothing. I've been there, Kate, and trust me, there has only ever been one love in Pete's life. Don't think it's ever going to be you."

07/07/2005 09:05