British rocker Pete Doherty was ordered to "sort himself out" by music producer STEPHEN STREET during the recording of Babyshambles' new album - or risk putting the whole project in jeopardy. The group's frontman has been battling with heroin addiction for several years and in a London court on Tuesday (07Aug07) was warned he faces prison after being caught driving illegally while in possession of drugs earlier this year (07). And Street reveals he was forced to reprimand the singer for his wild, drug-taking lifestyle because he believed Doherty was a real talent and didn't want to "let down" the other three members of the group by walking out. He says, "Pete wasn't in a very good state for the first couple of weeks of making the record for the reasons that people know about. It was a bit worrying to be honest with you. "There were a couple of times I had to fire warning shots across his bow, say, 'Listen, you've got to sort yourself out here because if you don't I can't work with you'. I felt like I was going to let down the rest of the band if I walked away from things. "Sometimes I had to sit down with Pete and have really good heart-to-hearts with him to get through all of that and connect with the real musician and artist that's underneath..I wanted to prove to those people that he can make a decent record."