Rocker Pete Doherty has apologised for missing a gig in London on Monday (2AUG04), but hit out at fans who turned on him.

The former Libertines frontman - who has been performing solo since splitting from the band - left devotees disappointed when he failed to show up at Camden's Barfly on Monday (02JUL04) after a row with a security guard at the venue.

But in a posting on his website Babyshambles.COM, Doherty - who quit The Libertines after failing to quit his addictions to crack cocaine and heroin - is furious so many fans attacked him.

He says, "You certainly find out who you your friends are in times of trouble, and right now it's clear their are many who just can't wait for me to fail and appear a flaky junky, unreliable and f****d up on drugs. The fact is that there was no way in heaven or hell I could have played the Barfly gig after the bullying and bastardly dastardly bouncer done what he did (sic).

"Throwing his weight around for no other reason than that he could. I apologise to all those who lost out, but given some of the reactions, I'm glad that a few of you have been inconvenienced. In fact, I'll eek out all of the gits until I can be sure I'm playing to a crowd who trust me, believe in me, and don't turn on me at the first chance they get. You want clockwork, amoral live music? There's plenty of that about. What I did I did for you.. and the response is quite heartbreaking."

He has also vowed to make his scheduled date at the Barfly on Friday (06AUG04) - provided the bouncer in question isn't working - and will perform a special gig at London's GREAT EASTERN HOTEL BEACH PARTY this month (AUG04), for fans who missed him at Monday's gig.

Doherty, who signed off the message "The tour continues apace though, and I'll see you in Bristol/Shrewsbury as planned. bonjour. Peter x," offered no explanation for his absence from last night's (03JUL04) London gig - where he was scheduled to support his friend, rock poet THE WOLFMAN.

04/08/2004 17:06