LATEST: The welfare fund set up to help troubled rocker Pete Doherty cope upon his release from prison on Tuesday (06May08) only managed to raise a paltry $34.20 (GBP17.10).
The Babyshambles frontman was jailed for 14 weeks on 8 April (08) for "breach of time-keeping, non-compliance of his (probation) order and using different drugs".
Stefano Passantino, the founder of British clothing company, set up a fund to help the star get his life back in order after he was freed - donating all the proceeds from stripey T-shirts sold on the firm's website.
Doherty won an early release from London's Wormwood Scrubs Prison on Tuesday, but Passantino admits his campaign failed to get much of a response from the star's fans.
He says, "Sales have been somewhat disappointing - we only sold six stripey tops. We had planned to do a big presentation and get a big cheque made up, but it seems pointless for a mere 17 quid and change. I wish Pete better luck selling records."
Passantino has sent a cheque for the amount to Doherty's management, which is expected to be forwarded to an undisclosed charity.