Wayward rocker Pete Doherty's newly launched website is controversially titled BALA CHADA - a slang term for crack cocaine.

Any hopes Doherty's girlfriend Kate Moss had of tempting him away from his damaging drug of choice have been dashed, as the Bengali term, which means 'top blonde' or 'good white', shows the BABYSHAMBLES singer is still as keen on the stimulant as ever.

The site, masterminded by his literary agent pal PAUL ROUNDHILL, boasts hours of intimate footage of the 26-year-old star for curious fans wishing to see their hero in his off-guard moments, as well as extracts of the pale-faced rocker's poetry.

Roundhill enthuses, "I felt (Pete) had multimedia potential and he would break the mould, dismantling the barriers between the band and the audience.

"The potential for him to work in different media is immense but it also is necessary for him to keep control.

"This site is making a statement. It's a way for Peter to be in control of all the different aspects of his work."