Wildman rocker Pete Doherty has a guardian angel who watches over him - a 48-year-old fan who makes sure the Babyshambles frontman is looked after in times of trouble.

GILL SAMWORTH first met the star, who is dating supermodel Kate Moss, when he played in The Libertines

And the kind-hearted Londoner devotes herself to Doherty, providing him with lifts, food, advice and somewhere to sleep, if he needs a bed for the night.

An insider says, "Gill started going to see The Libertines about two years ago. At that time Pete was really accessible to his fans and they'd all end up going back to his flat afterwards.

"Gill tagged along and when Pete got kicked out of the band, she took him in.

"She sees that he eats, she taxis him around - she has given over her life to helping him out.

"Pete takes advantage but she's happy caring for him. She's like a surrogate mum, or a patron saint."