Pete Doherty has been shunned by some of his celebrity friends after nearly blowing up the yacht they were partying on.

The BABYSHAMBLES singer was relaxing on the $36 million (GBP20 million) vessel with his supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss, her two-year-old daughter LILA, Sadie Frost and actress Davinia Taylor, whose father owns the luxury boat.

But events took a sinister turn when the BABYSHAMBLES singer, desperate for a fix of crack cocaine, demanded tin foil from the vessel's skipper before choosing to heat the drug with a naked flame next to the boat's fuel tank, reports British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD.

The skipper immediately informed Taylor, who angrily insisted the reckless rocker would be ejected as soon as they reached land.

The News Of The World reports she fumed at Doherty, "You could have blown us up, you d**khead!

"You are banned for life. You will never step on board again."

19/06/2005 21:16