Troubled rocker Pete Doherty threatened a journalist who asked him for an interview with a broken bottle during a drug and alcohol fuelled bender on the Spanish party island Ibiza.

The Babyshambles frontman, who played a beach gig over the weekend (ends18SEP05), has endured a stressful week after pictures of his girlfriend Kate Moss allegedly snorting cocaine appeared in British newspaper the Daily Mirror on Thursday (15SEP05).

And it seemed the request from the reporter working for UK tabloid The Sun was the final straw - Doherty smashed a bottle on a table at the third attempt before threatening SEAN HAMILTON.

He recalls, "We'd been happily chatting for minutes when something triggered inside him and he turned.

"He picked up a bottle and shattered it on the table. He stood up, brandished the shards at my face and shouted, 'I'll f**king stick you!'"

Hamilton was quickly escorted away by security staff.