Troubled rocker Pete Doherty reportedly helped save a man involved in a motorway crash.

The Sun newspaper claims Pete, 28, was in a car with his bandmates when he witnessed a car crash into a concrete reservation in Toddington, as they were on their way to the V Festival.

Pete and others leapt out and pulled a middle-aged man from his car as there was smoke billowing out of the vehicle after it had flipped over.

A source told the paper: "The man was insisting that he had only had a few fruit juices, but they thought he was protesting a bit too much."

The man was treated by paramedics but only had minor injuries.

Pete and his band Babyshambles were on their way to the festival to perform. Sources expected Pete's ex lover Kate Moss to be at the gig on the same day, but pals tipped her off that Pete was there and she managed to avoid him.

An insider said: "We thought Kate may have used the festival as an excuse to meet up with Pete but it seems she is determined to stay away from him.

"She wanted to make sure he wasn't anywhere near the place before she joined the party."

20/08/2007 15:22:19