Rock wildman Pete Doherty has quit THE LIBERTINES so he can concentrate on beating his drug addiction.

The TIME FOR HEROES singer checked out of exclusive drug treatment centre THE PRIORY last weekend (22/23MAY04) after only a week of treatment for his addiction to crack cocaine.

In an exclusive interview with Britain's The Sun newspaper, Doherty explains, "I'm heading to Paris to escape with my girlfriend IRENE. She's the one person who understands me. She will help me with give up the crack pipe.

"I couldn't do that in The Priory. I was barely aware of what was going on in there. All these visitors were coming in to see me and saying they were my family and my sisters, but really they weren't.

"I wanted to clean up, but it's something I have to do on my own terms."

Doherty admits his relationship with joint-frontman Carl Barat is a breaking point. Doherty burgled Barat's home last year (03) to help fund his drug habit and served three weeks in prison.

Doherty says, "It's got to the point where Carl and I don't speak, except on stage. It breaks my heart. HE treats me badly and I come running back like a battered housewife.

"I feel like I'm seeking the ghost of a former friendship, but Carl gave up on me years ago."

The rocker would consider rejoining the band, if Barat can treat him better.

He explains, "If Carl comes to Paris and grabs me by the hand, maybe we can reclaim the empire together. But for now I'm out of the band."

28/05/2004 02:33